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Exactly the day that the travel ban in Belgium got lifted, I left to go to Barcelona. Some can call it irresponsible due to COVID-19, but my intention is not to travel around. So is it really that bad to leave a country that does not feel like home?

Moving abroad

Many of my friends will agree that before the pandemic, I was more abroad than actually in Belgium. So for me it was a huge adjustment to be for such a long time home. I did appreciate it, but a part of me was missing.

I like the adventure of moving to a new city/ country and discovering its beautiful/ ugly places, learning the culture and living amongst locals. It is often out of my comfort zone, since I do like some sort of routine. But exactly this is what I love; to be out of my comfort zone.

Wearing a mouth mask in Spain on the streets
Wearing a mouth mask in Spain on the streets

'Carefree life'

The moment that I meet new people, the obvious question always gets asked: "so you are here for vacation?" Not exactly. They also presume that because of my relative young age (23y) my parents are paying for (almost) everything abroad. That is not true in my case. Because I have my own online company, I am actually able to afford to live abroad and to provide for myself. Of course my parents will help me out if needed, but most of it comes from my own hard work.

Besides working, I also have classes to follow, courses to finish and my own trainings to complete. So I am not exactly abroad to have a carefree holiday, but more because I simply feel better in a different country and I still have my responsibilities to account for.

The ugly side

To many, it might seem like the dream life. And in one way it also is. I am really happy that I can do this and that I have received these opportunities. But on the other hand, the settling in is not always that easy, you miss your friends and family and at times you can feel very lonely.

But do I regret my decision? Hell no. I am enjoying myself and I feel like I am finally living again to the fullest*, although I know that there is still a pandemic going on.

Vineyard in Spain
Vineyard in Spain

*If I travel, I comply to all the rules regarding to the health safety of that country and if needed I will take extra measurements to protect myself and the people around me.

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