Together with the start of a new year, a lot of new goals are being set. Many of us want to get rid of those holiday kg's and start a healthier diet. Therefore, this is the perfect moment to explore the possibilities of a (partly) plant-based diet.

My story

I initially turned vegan in January 2020 after being a flexitariër for 6y (I ate fish occasionally). The reason why I stopped eating fish was very simple: I got 2 food poisonings in one month after eating fish. I wasn't such a big fan of milk and nor cheese, so the decision was easily made.

Furthermore, I did a lot of research about the subject too and I came across A LOT of vegan athletes. Up until today is this my main motivation why I turned vegan (besides the fact that it is delicious): my running performance has surged tremendously and without almost no inflammations.

Perfectly imperfect

A lot of people have this idea that if they don't make the switch entirely to plant based food, that they are not doing enough. This is WRONG. Every tiny little change in your diet towards a more plant based one can have a huge impact. Each year you can save on average around 39kg of meat which equals 1 month of showering if you would only eat ONE DAY a week plant based. If that isn't a lot, then I don't know.

Good health is the new wealth

Eating more plant based is not only good for the environment, but also for ourselves. Nowadays, a lot of antibiotics are put into cows, pigs, chickens, ... and consequently also end up onto our plate. Why do you think a lot more people have higher levels of inflammations in their body nowadays than roughly 100y ago?

If you focus on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you will also have a higher intake of different minerals and vitamins. They are needed by our body to keep us healthy and protect us against diseases, such as COVID-19.


One thing in particularly that I learned when I turned towards a plant based diet, is that my creativity was challenged more often. Which is a very good thing. I learned a lot of what vegetables pair well with each other or with lentils, beans, chickpeas, ... You will automatically turn into a better cook, because when you cook with fresh products and the right herbs, you will be amazed how good some simple dishes can taste like.

So trying to focus on eating more plant based is a very good idea. My advice: try it consistent for one month and then see how you feel about it. I promise you that you will be amazed by the results.

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